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Saint Demetrios Energy Project 2012

Year 3 Under Way


Energy is very helpful. We use it in many different situations in our daily lives. For example, we use energy to cook, clean, see, and transport. Basically energy helps us survive.  Some well-known forms of energy are thermal energy, light energy, electrical energy, and mechanical energy. Although energy is very useful and helps people, it is also harmful to the environment.


            Energy is harmful to the environment because some forms of energy give off a specific substance that may deplete the ozone layer. For example, mechanical energy is used for vehicles give off poisonous gases that are used to cause global warming. Another example is electrical energy, which is used for powering the light and electrical items in a household or office buildings. This energy gives off heat that can contribute Green House Effect. By over using a great amount of these sources we are endangering our planet and ourselves.


            Most of these sources are harmful to the environment, but there are many other sources we can use without really hurting the environment as much. Some of these sources are alternative energy such as tidal waves, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, and biomass. If we use these alternative energy sources more often we might reduce the risk of global warming.

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Project Resources

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Energy Effect Curriculum for New Teachers: Energy Effect Curriculum